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Report a Claim to FD Insurance

If you receive a lawsuit or a Notice of Intent or if you are aware of an incident that is likely to result in a claim or lawsuit, contact us immediately. The processes below gives you easy access and early protection.


Please report any action to your FD agent. Include the following:

  • Name, address and telephone number of your practice
  • FD Policy number
  • Date, time and location of alleged incident
  • Brief narrative description of the allegation (do not offer opinions at this point)
  • Name, address and telephone number of the person or entity making the claim
  • Any legal documents or correspondence
  • Any other pertinent documents or correspondence, including newspaper accounts
  • Download our notice of claim form: PDF | DOCX
  • Fax the Notice of Claim form and all above information to FD at (904) 394-7134
  • Create a separate file for all correspondence related to the claim. Remember that any correspondence in the patient’s file is discoverable.
  • If you have questions regarding reporting a claim, please call (800) 352-3627. Ask for:
    • Bonnie Bellemore x217
    • Steven Carey X224
    • Jason Haynie x232
(The instructions above pertain to insureds with policies provided by FD Insurance. NORCAL Group policyholders should use the Report of Claim online form).

Claims FAQs

The information below is provided for the use of physicians, surgeons, and their independent insurance agent representatives in determining the placement of professional liability insurance coverage with FD Insurance. Any other use is unintended and we cannot be held responsible for its misuse or misinterpretation and the consequences thereof. All coverage statements are for general description purposes only. The statements do not amend, modify or supplement an FD Insurance policy. Refer to the actual policy or contact us for details regarding terms, conditions, coverages and exclusions. A sample policy can be made available upon request.

Do you have your own claims department?
Yes. FD Insurance claims executives are among the most experienced professionals available in the state of Florida. Our staff understands the Florida court system, the plaintiff attorneys we face and the laws that protect you, the policy holders.

What kinds of services are provided as part of my defense?
We will assign a representative to oversee the day-to-day management of your claim. In addition, we will select an experienced defense attorney, in your area, to represent you. Finally, we will engage expert witnesses and provide an opinion on the standard of care and other issues, as necessary, to evaluate the claim.

What if the allegations made by the plaintiff are groundless?
As part of our policy, we will defend you regardless of the validity of the allegations made against you.

Does the cost of my defense reduce my policy limit?
No. All defense costs (including those of attorneys and expert witnesses) are provided in addition to the policy limit.

What if I become aware of an incident that is likely to result in a claim or lawsuit?
We encourage precautionary reporting of such incidents. This gives us time to review the facts, evaluate the potential liability and take any necessary action.

What are examples of incidents that I should report?
Examples of incidents that should be reported include: complications, patient dissatisfaction, complaints, and requests for medical records.

Will these precautionary reports impact my premium or my ability to keep my insurance?
No. Incident reporting does not trigger any mid-term changes in pricing or insurability.

Do you cover punitive awards?
No. Florida law does not permit any insurance company to provide coverage for punitive awards.

Will I be reimbursed for lost income if I have to go to court?
If we request you to appear in court or at another function related to the defense of your claim, you are eligible for a reimbursement of lost wages of up to $500 per day.